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oh the weather outside is frightful

but the books are so delightful. SHARK GIRL, a novel told in verse, letters, and conversations, tells the story of 15 year old Jane whose life is changed on a visit to a beach one summer. Jane loses her arm in a shark attack. Jane who was an aspiring and talented artist, must now learn how to begin her life all over again. It is not easy, and Jane is not miraculously an amputee who can do it all. She is paralyzed by fear sometimes, does not want to go out in public for fear of the reaction others will have to her empty sleeve or her prosthesis. Eventually, with help from her mother, friends, brother, and therapist, Jane resumes some sort of normalcy.

The emotions are raw, as raw as Jane's stump. Her reactions to her new situation bubble up without warning. Kelly Bingham's novel examines the depths of Jane's feelings. The addition of the letters Jane receives, the snatches of conversations, emails, and other elements make this story deeper and somehow more "real."

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