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20 September 2015 @ 08:54 pm
Both sides  
I try hard to maintain some sort of balance in my life. Generally, I am not totally successful. Work often wins out over leisure. My politics are not balanced much. But I do retain Facebook connections with folks who do not share my beliefs or my politics. It is sometimes painful, but I do this so I can see the "other" side from time to time. If nothing else, it is instructive. Today I learned that the whole situation with the Irving high school student is an elaborate set up to promote a Muslim agenda. I honestly cannot even begin to make sense of the thought process in the "story" I read.

This is not the only issue where I want to see the sides. With Banned Books Week coming, I follow some who post about why what they do is not censorship. They are out to protect those who might be harmed by the books available to our students. They belong to organizations with names that make them sound reasonable: PARENTS AGAINST BAD BOOKS IN SCHOOL (how can we argue that we should have bad books in schools?).

I encourage all of you who are committed to fight censorship to know the other side. Head over to their websites and see how they attack our FREADOM. Then, SPEAKLOUDLY.
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