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every. single. child.

There is a commercial airing right now for Windows 10. Hype aside (and there is SO much of that), the tag line disturbs me. It talks about that, with Windows of course, one day one child might change the world. News flash, Windows: every child will change the world.

Okay, I know you guys are taking about a cure for disease or discovery of a new fuel to solve our dependence on fossil fuels.

I am talking about every single child, though. Just because of their existence, they will change the world. But all of them will contribute something. Look at the case of Ahmed, the 9th grader from Texas who brought a homemade clock to school and was, instead, jailed. See the story here: The good news is that he has been released and POTUS has tweeted him congratulating him on his ingenuity. Maybe there is a White House invitation in his future. But Ahmed has changed the world. It is sad that it had to happen this way, of course, and perhaps future kids will not have to endure what Ahmed has already.

There are changes occurring each day, though, that do not involve stories that make me cringe. There are the stories of the kids who exhibit great kindness and help others. The kids who begin philanthropic organizations. The kids who got Starkest to change how it caught tuna, McDonalds how it used styrofoam, etc. See Phillip Hoose's book, WE WERE THERE, TOO and IT'S OUR WORLD, TOO for some other examples.

And notwithstanding these, kids change the world each day is so many small but significant ways. Teachers know this. It's a shame others do not.
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