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As Banned Books Week approaches, ironically enough, so do the challenges. This one boils down to this: "While her son has been provided with an alternate text according to district policy, Sims is seeking to keep Skloot’s book away from the 59,000 students in Knox County Schools because, she said, 'I just feel that strongly about it being out of the hands of our children.'”

This idea of "protecting" kids is a time-honor3ed one when it comes to challenging books. Censors just want to make sure kids are not harmed, right? I mean, their intentions are good, right? Keeping graphic knowledge from kids is what we should do, right?

The district followed procedure well here and offered the student an alternative. This parent is not content to protect her own child. She wants to have the authority to protect ALL those potential readers. Here's the deal (and pardon me for preaching to the choir here): you can select what your own child may or may not read (though at the age of 15, I would hope this child might have a bit more latitude in selecting his own books). You may NOT encroach on what my child may or may not read.

SpeakLoudly. Challenge the censors. BE. BRAVE.
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