professornana (professornana) wrote,

Over and Under

I am thrilled to see so many professional organizations honoring young members. There are 30 Under 30 lists galore in my Facebook feed. However, now that I have reached a certain level of maturity, I do hope that organizations also honor the members who have been there, some of us for more than 30 years (ahem, points to self). I know the future relies of having a steady stream of new members willing to put forth efforts to sustain the organization and the profession, but sometimes I begin to feel, well, superfluous.

There are many like me who have been active in the profession for decades. Recently, Kylene Beers reminded me that our friendship goes back decades (we must have been children at the time). And as much as I hate to admit my age (62), I know that face in the mirror is no longer in her 30s (despite the pink hair). I am content with being an elder statesman, a senior citizen, old. But I hope I still have some more years and some more service left in me.

Today we celebrate Grandparents' Day. I have been a grandparent for 30 years now. The youngest of the grand girls will graduate in December. Perhaps one day she will count amidst the 30 Under 30 in her profession. Here's to the youth. But let's not forget the other end of that spectrum, please.
Tags: aging
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