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There were so many postings today about memories of September 11th. I spent the morning blissfully unaware as I was teaching in the basement of the library all morning. I got back to my office to find a voicemail from a student telling me she would miss class the following day because all flights were grounded due to an act of terrorism. I managed to get a friend on the phone to tell me what had transpired. Spent the afternoon trying to reach my dear friend who lived across the river from NYC. Thankfully, she was fine, but some of her students had parents in the WTC. They were awaiting word on them.

I know we did not watch much on TV that night. College Girl was 7 and had seen the planes fly into the towers all day at school as had her older sisters (9 and 16). We were quiet, pausing to add some extra prayers during our grace before dinner.

For my grandkids, I imagine the events of that day are like my memory of the day Kennedy was shot. I can still recall those days. And there are others as well that remain fixed in my mind's eye.

Kylene Beers, who was editing VOICES FROM THE MIDDLE back then, dedicated an issue to memories, stories, poems, etc. from that day. It is one of the few journal copies I still have. It reminds me of the hearing power of memories and of writing about them. Talking, writing: SHARING. It makes a difference. While it does not eradicate the memories or the losses, it allows us to acknowledge the sorrows and pain and still move on.
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