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10 September 2015 @ 05:01 pm
Brilliant or Insane?  
The headline proclaims that there are 7 things teachers will regret doing this school year: http://www.brilliant-insane.com/2015/08/7-things-the-best-teachers-will-regret-this-school-year.html. The blog is called Brilliant or Insane. Actually, it is generally somewhere in between from my perspective.

What I dislike most here is the cavalier way absolutes are tossed around. Student missing homework? Probably because it was worthless. Really? Teachers punishing students for the missing homework? Um, punishing? Or just giving them the grade deserved for missing assignments, maybe a consequence of not doing the work?

Embarrassing students Vilifying parents and co-workers? It makes me wonder where this person teaches.

Making excuses? While it is easy to use a straw man argument, there are some non-negotiables in my courses. Work has to be turned in on time (I have a deadline for filing grades). Some assignments are in place to meet certification requirements (you want a degree from an accredited institution, there are criteria we have to meet and document).

It is far too easy to use absolutes. What we ought to be doing more is helping teachers discover how to be more effective, how to learn the latest research and how it impacts them and their classrooms, etc.
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