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SpeakLoudly and Buy a Book

In New Zealand, a challenge against a book or film has drastic consequences. Here is a link to the challenge:

If you are so moved, I encourage you to head over to Amazon and buy a copy of the book. The way to #SpeakLoudly is by supporting the author. I have my copy downloaded to my iPad and hope to find time this week to read it.

Censorship. Fight it. We fight it here, too. Last week, a student from my university posted something to Facebook that had many calling for our President to act. I am proud to note that SHSU's president instead noted that the student had the right to post; it was free speech. No matter how we feel about the speech, it is protected. Defending the right to speak and the right to read and the right to write is the business of EVERY SINGLE PERSON.
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