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There are training bras. I often wonder how one trains breasts? What is the training for? What do we hope to gain from the training? Okay, you know I am being facetious. However, I am doing so to make a point. Dogs are trained. Teachers are educated. I want the news media to begin using the correct terminology. I cringe when I see the term teacher training. It paints a picture of a teacher sitting before a trainer with a whip and chair or perhaps a more Pavlovian set of equipment. Perhaps this is what some organizations do when they purport to train someone to be a teacher in only 6 weeks, but teacher education is a much longer, richer, essential approach.

Yes, there are some things that can be included in a training. Each year, I have to requalify on my EEOC training, hazardous material handling training, etc. But moving to an online format for my classes required not just training in CMS, screencasting software, collaborative tools, etc. It required me to rethink how to convey information in a significantly different manner. It was not simply training. It involved discussing things with colleagues, examining models, and some trial and error and tweaking.

This idea that anyone can become a teacher given sufficient training is also problematic. Yes, I guess I could learn how to become a phlebotomist with training. But a skilled phlebotomist loves his job, feels confident in her ability. After a recent surgery, I was reminded once again of the vocation
of nursing.
I think teaching is a vocation as well.

So, keep your training to bras. Let's talk about teacher education and preparation. And let's give some respect to those who call teaching a vocation.
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