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Well, I am down to the last Texas Bluebonnet Master List book. This week I completed THE LAST TREASURE (and it was indeed a treasure as someone commented earlier); GREGOR THE OVERLANDER, an unusual combination of humor, fantasy, and adventure, was one of my favorites from the list. I plan to read the passage when Gregor and his sister Boots encounter the huge roaches who are drawn to Boots and her wonderful scent (she announces to Gregor that she has pooped which is why the roaches think she smells so yummy) and I will also read aloud the poem/prophecy/riddle. SILK UMBRELLAS was a little gem of a book, very quiet and a real "chick" book. My 12 year old read it when I was occupied with other matters like cooking dinner. She enjoyed it as well. CHASING VERMEER is interesting and a bit challenging at the beginning. Now I am down to THE CONCH BEARER. With any luck, I will finish that one tomorrow and be done with the list.

Also read MY THIRTEENTH YEAR by Kristi Roberts and enjoyed this story about a girl fighting for her rightful place in a Little League team coached by a troll of a man who is misogynistic to say the least. Of course, as quickly as I try to read, there is no way to keep up with the barrage of books arriving daily at the office. I am thrilled to see the books arrive, but I just am flat out running out of room on shelves and carts. What an amazing wealth there is for us to dive into!
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