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Meetings, oh oh oh meetings

Spent several hours today in a department meeting. We meet weekly, and I love it. First, there is usually food involved. We order in lunch and eat together before the meeting begins. We have an agenda, but we often veer from it into side discussions and burning questions. Our chair permits this though sometimes she will guide us back when we stray too far afield.

The things that make this work so well for us all:

1. we are a small department of 5 full time faculty, one half time person, and a handful of adjuncts (who generally do not attend during the school season as they are employed in schools and have to be present there)
2. we know one another beyond the office
3. we truly care about one another
4. our ides are sought after and valued
5. folks volunteer to take on tasks
6. there is often laughter, boisterous laughter
7. we can add items to the agenda
8. we can ask for help
9. we take breaks
10. did I mention food is involved?

I contrast this with some meetings where I feel as though my job is to sit and be quiet while someone talks, reads slides from a power point. Often, there is nothing new in these "lectures." And there is nothing that could not have been transmitted in emails or a voice over power point.

So meeting weekly with my colleagues is actually something I enjoy, look forward to. How lucky am I?
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