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The road not taken

A sermon that begins with a quote from THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST? There is no dozing through something like this. The priest began with a litany of some of my favorite authors from the 50s and 60s including Salinger, Wolfe, and Ginsberg. We climbed aboard the bus with Hunter Thompson and began a journey through the readings. The question at the heart was, "Are you on the bus or off the bus?"

For the sake of this blog let's try a quick rephrasing: are you on board or not?

Are you on board when it comes to choice?
Are you on board when it comes to differentiation?
Are you on board when it comes to response, real (authentic) response?
Are you on board when it comes to read (authentic) engagement?
Are you on board when it comes to access?

If you can answer YES to each of these questions, climb on the bus and let's journey into a year filled with books and reading, of choice and response, of access and engagement. The challenge here is that you are either all aboard or you are not. There is no standing in the doorway of a bus if it is to move. And make no mistake, we want this bus to take off, to begin the journey.
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