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At the OD yesterday in Pearland, several librarians asked for research they could share with their teachers and administrators. Karin Perry and I were happy to oblige. We carry a veritable card catalog of research in our minds, I think. We also pointed them to this blog post by Donalyn Miller: We mentioned the research we knew. And then there was a follow up question, "But is there more recent research about _________?"

In some cases, there is more recent research to point out. However, some pics are not being researched presently. One of the reasons has to do with the research from the past which time and again has supported read aloud, choice in reading, educators as models, giving time to read at school, etc. Conferring has moire than a quarter century of research. All of the studies underscore the positive significance of conferring with kids about reading. I climbed on the soapbox a bit here. If we have almost a century of research on the effectiveness of reading aloud, and all that research indicates positive results, how many more studies do we really need?

I am not suggesting we stop doing research on what works. But I am suggesting that we keep the years and years of studies on hand as well. And the second suggestion is that educators do action research about the topics that are near and dear to them. And the final suggestion is a response to someone asking for more current research, "Do YOU have research disproving the years of research proving its efficacy?" If not, why are you asking me to produce research that is more current than yours?
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