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data data data data data data data data BS

The headlines scream at me from social media. I begin to feel as though I ma being left behind because my classroom and my teaching is not driven by data. CREATE A DATA DRIVEN SCHOOL CULTURE proclaims an educational web site. WTW?

I want the culture of my classroom and my department (and if I were in charge of the world) and my college to be one driven not by data but by pedagogy with a healthy dose of practicality. I want a culture that promotes reading and writing and speaking and listening and viewing and representing. I want a culture that helps students see them selves as reader and writers and speaker and listeners and viewers and representers.

That does not mean I turn a blind eye to some data. Even back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (translation: when I began teaching), the team of teachers of which I was a part (ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science) met weekly if not more often to discuss our kids. We talked about all manner of information. I am not sure how much could or would be labeled as data. We did not focus on test scores and grades and benchmarks (we did not even have benchmarks back in those gold old days). We talked about what was happening in and out of school for each kid. We talked about ting we observed, things we noticed.

Often, we consulted with parents, counselors, and even with the students themselves. What drove us was our love of the kids on our team and our desire to see them succeed in all their classes. Data driven? Shudder.
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