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Somehow this book arrived in a box of 2007 books. The cover looked interesting and the title certainly was provocative, so I read it today before noticing it had a 2006 copyright. Oh, well. I think the teen contingency in the back room will love this story of a gifted group of students who take on the project of making the videos to show the 6th and 7th graders during advisory class. Leon signs up to produce the sex ed video. Soon he has lots of ideas about how to make a video that will be tons better than the stupid ones they show each year. His will be avant-garde, a term he comes to understand from watching a Fellini video. His rough cut includes shots of artistic masterpieces that feature body parts, the CPR dummy holding up signs that tell viewers they are normal, use condoms, etc. Of course, this video is destined to make Leon famous with his peers and infamous with some of his teachers.

Lots of funny references here that I doubt my teens will get. However, there are lots of other references they will SO totally get and love.
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