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Waving a red flag

Donalyn Miller is a valued friend. She also knows how to get my attention when it comes to blog posts. She sent this link to me this morning. I think I am relieved I had not had too much caffeine at the time or my blood pressure might have spiked dangerously. Here is the link to an article whose headline cries that YA Literature features threesomes:

So, instead of focusing on the incredible works of YA literature by authors honored with awards, books that are on the bestseller lists now, this piece from the NY Daily News would lead someone not knowledgeable about YA books to believe that they are all about not just sex but threesomes. Wow, got my attention. I bet it got the attention of those who would censor books as well. And then there is the photo that graces the piece: a stock image that has absolutely NOT.A.THING. to do with any of the books discussed in the article. Instead it suggests that this could easily be a scene from a YA novel. I wonder how the reporter would like me using a stock image of someone flogging a dead horse to head this blog post. Actually, my image would at least refer to the actual post, right?

The author goes on to declare that YA sales have increased due to the added sexiness. His summary of some books is more than a tad misleading. If you accept his summary of GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE, then you will miss the forest for the trees. He also plays fast and loose with some statistics about teens and sex (for a more reasoned presentation on this, watch John Oliver's broadcast from Sunday).

Articles like this are the proverbial red flag waved at the bull: a taunt to folks outside of the field to come charging in, trampling books and authors and readers.
Tags: idiocy, sex, ya literature
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