professornana (professornana) wrote,

No, no, no,no, no no, no, no, no no......

So many deadlines are coming at me all at once that my instinct is to curl up and wail. Instead, I make the To-Do Lists and tackle them as best I can. I know the problem: somehow NO is not as big a part of my vocabulary as it should be. I agree to do a few extra PD sessions. I take on another committee assignment. I send a list of books to a former student who makes a special request. I am happy to do all these, really. But then I find myself in a time crunch trying to close up the work of the summer and get all the fall stuff ready to launch.

It will all get done. I know. Anxiety and stress is counterproductive. I know. As I put together the assignment screencasts for the fall classes, I try to infuse them with this sense of "it will all get done." I know the reading list is daunting, but you will be able to get it all read over the next 15 weeks. I know you can complete the other requirements for the class. I trust that students can and will be successful in the class.

Many years ago, an administrator told me I was giving out too many As in class. I was still a new employee at that point, but somehow I managed to draw myself more erect and respond that I did not give grades; students earn their grades. Did most of my students earn As? You bet! Is that wrong? How could it be? I hope each semester has not a bell curve, but I graph that looks like this:

with the peak representing the number of As in class. If that happens, then all the To-Do Lists are worth it; all the deadlines worth the stress and anxiety.
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