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31 July 2015 @ 03:50 pm
Are you Kidding Me?  
How could I possibly skip over a headline that ays, "Not Everyone's Sold on Seuss"? I am thrilled that there is a new Seuss book, and I plan to buy ti and read it and share it. You can read the article here, but be forewarned: make sure you have taken your blood pressure medication first:

Oh. Em. Gee. Or to put it in Shakespearean terms: much ado about nothing. The first three paragraphs discuss how some folks are worried that nonsense words are counterproductive to reading. They share concerns that kids will then make up their own words. Um, SELFIES? We do make up words. New words are added to the dictionary annually: adorbs, binge-watch, cray, humblebrag, listicle, neckbeard, SMH, side boob, vape, and YOLO.

I learned to read because of THE CAT IN THE HAT. I have a video of one of the former residents of the back bedroom "reading" GREEN EGGS AND HAM to her baby sister almost 27 years ago. This scrutiny of Seuss compels me to write:

I do not like them, Bartelby Rumor
I do not like folks with no sense of humor.
How I wish we would see the day
When grups would just let children play.
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