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Okay, so the title was attention-getting: Avril Lavigne's Make 5 Wishes. It is a 4 color graphic novel to boot. So, I rad it (that took 15 minutes) and it is the first in a series so it ends with no resolution to the story. I suspect it will be wildly popular with the intermediate crowd who still worships Lavigne (they still exist, I think). My 21 year old saw the cover and graoaed. However, to her Lavigne is so "seventh grade."

Hana is a misfit. She remains locked in her room at home and is positively anti-social at school where her peers think she is perhaps dim witted. She fantasizes a relationship with Avril Lavigne but informs readers she knows Avril IS indeed imagined. When things get worse, Hana visits a site called In the mail comes a demon of sorts who tells Hana she can have 5 wishes. In order to make the wish come true, Hana must break one of the horns off the demon's head. Gross, right? Wait, it is about to get darker.

I plan to hand this one off to the teens in the back room and see what they think. It certainly hits most of the right notes as near as I can tell. I prefer American Born Chinese and a good dose of BabyMouse myself.

More to come soon.

Edited to add:

The 14 year old sat down and read it in about 15 minutes. She did not care too much for the open ending. She shrugged and left it for her older sister whose initial response was, "Cool."
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