professornana (professornana) wrote,

Be the Verb

I love this post by Austin Kleon:

It applies as well to Reader and Reading. If I want to be the noun, first I need to do the verb. In other words, if I want to be a reader, I must read. Well, of course. That makes total sense. But you know there are more than a handful of educators out there who are not readers, right? Or if they are readers, they are quite dormant, perhaps even expired never to bloom again.

I am not talking about those busy times we all have when we just cannot seem to find a minute to read. I am talking about not finding time over and over and over again. My colleague Karin Perry and I have been surveying educators for over a year. Sadly, what we have seen is that there are many educators who read maybe 1-2 books a month. With 7500 or so books published annually for K-12 audiences, this total of say 25 or so represents .003 reading of the books published each year. I manage to get to about 10% myself, so I am not holding myself up as a shining example. But I do read more than .003. How could I expect to help kids find books if I read only a couple dozen each year? How can I recommend books at all if I am not reading from the K-12 books?

So, I plan to do the verb again this year. I hope all of you will join me.
Tags: verbs and nouns
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