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I spent a large portion of today grading. All of our MLS students produce a final portfolio. My task is to evaluate their submission for Literature and Reading. So, this morning I viewed 17 portfolio submissions. Students are asked to provide artifacts that demonstrate their understanding of this standard for school librarians. They must discuss their knowledge of literature and of readers. They need to talk about their respect for diversity and their collaboration with other educators. A final component is a plan for what they ho;e to accomplish in the area of literature and reading during their first year as a school librarian.

What becomes apparent immediately to me is the level of passion students have for reading and for books. It is an echo of the same passion I saw in their reading autobiographies in the YA literature class. I see blogs, begun for one class, now extended and kept up to date with the new books they are adding. I see reflections about diversity and how the concept of diversity moves beyond race and ethnicity to include gender, socio-economic status, family structure, and so much more. I see plans for displays to promote books. I see lesson plans for kids and for teachers about reading GNs or using NF.

This renews my own passion, makes me excited about the years to come as these students become school librarians. These passion-filled students will carry forward the love of books and reading, will spread the "gospel," will preach to new choirs. After almost 40 years as a teacher, I still feel that passion, that drive. How lucky am I?
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