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Summing it up

Someone on Twitter asked several of us who had attended #ila15 to post highlights. I did post from the sessions I attended. However, in the interest of putting everything in one place, here is a very brief summary:

1. CHOICE: this is key. Not only did Donalyn Miller and I talk about it, so did Penny Kittle and many other speakers. If we are not providing choice, we are not doing all we can to ensure students develop identities as readers (and writers).

2. MODEL: we need to be readers and writers. How can we expect students to become readers and writers without models?

3. ACCESS: we need to make books available, make them be "at hand."

4. TIME: this applies in a myriad of ways. We need to plan time within our days to read and write; we need to provide students with time to practice the craft of reading and writing; we need to remember that it takes time for readers and writers to develop and to self-identify.

5. SHARING: I wish I could come up with a better term, but this one works. We need to share our reading and out writing with our students and with our colleagues and with a broad audience.

I think these 5 will suffice for now. I am happy to be back in Texas though not quite home yet. I will spend today in Katy ISD talking about the 5 things you see above and, yes, lots and lots of books.
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