professornana (professornana) wrote,


When I am on the road, I often long for my own bed. But when so many of my friends and colleagues are at a conference and I am not, I long to be on the road. Given the incredible disruption with United today, though, being home is probably better for my health.

Being home meant two books read. It meant coursework done. It meant errands run with BH. And it meant planning for upcoming presentations. I am trying to get prepared for the craziness coming over the next few weeks when I am bouncing from workshop to workshop.

The planning often sends me to the list of books I have read this year. It's nice to revisit these "friends," too. I recall a phrase, sentence, illustration, character. That time is precious, the time to reflect and reread. I am trying to figure out how to build in more of that Gomez. Maybe in retirement?

This post is very random, I know. It was just that kind of day.
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