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Things I find offensive

My Facebook feed this morning had a link to a Washington Post story about 81 things Mike Huckabee finds offensive. Frankly, I could care less about what politicians find offensive. But the idea did niggle inside my head and spawned this post.

THREE THINGS I FIND OFFENSIVE (81 seemed a bit excessive)

1. People directing education who do not have experience in education.
I know that anyone who ever attended school believes he or she can make things in education better. I wonder how doctors might respond to me saying, "well, I have played doctor as a kid, so I think I can take care of this diagnosis." More to the point is the fact that Texas governor Greg Abbott recently appointed a woman who home schools her kids to be chair of the State Board of Education. Really? Can all of you see ge agenda for this appointment?

2. People who say they are too busy to read and write despite being educators.
I hear it all the time. Now, I know my job provides me more time for reading and writing than many other educators. However, I could just as easily be spending this "extra" time napping, playing on,Inge games, and checking social media. I carve out time to read and to write daily. This morning I finished reading a GN, posted it out to Twitter and Facebook, and am now writing to blog post. I find time. I make these things a priority.

3. Surveys that do not really measure what they purport to measure.
If you follow me on social media, you know that my latest trip began with a FLIGTMARE. So, when the survey to provide information to United arrived, I opened it, eager to let them know what went wrong (EVERYTHING). The survey is basically useless if United wants to fix the things that are broken (EVERYTHING). And I see these are kinds of surveys in education. Poorly worded statements, some with obvious bias. Or I read a statement from someone like Arne Dunacn asserting that almost all teachers are happy with CCSS. Then, I read the actual survey and discover the truth.

To be sure, very little offends me. Some things disturb me; some anger me; some dismay me. I a e offensive for the truly heinous. What do YOU find offensive?
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