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Monday, Monday

As a general rule of thumb, I do not love Mondays. The end of the weekend, and the beginning of the work week is not my favorite time. However, I do love this particular Monday. Here I am in Boothbay Harbour, Maine, with my BH. The weather is lovely: sunny and in the 50s right now. The view is spectacular. But there is more to my chipper view of this Monday.

Today is the opening day of the Boothbay Literacy Retreat. My morning began with coffee and Linda Rief who walked us through writing exercises. My writing surprised me. It always does when Linda is the guide. She is so inviting that I cannot help but respond openly and honestly and sometimes surprisingly.

Breakfast was lovely with a couple of people who also were from Texas and the incredible Lester Laminack who makes me smile simply by sitting down next to me. Then, Kylene and Bob began talking about access and discussion and response and so much more. We are off talking on the patio or even in the wooded areas that surround the small conference center. Later, we will eat (again!) and then Penny Kittle talks and I talk about books and then we do some speed dating with the 7 faculty members.

To be sure, the day is long and packed and, ultimately exhausting. But it is a good tired, a I-feel-as-though-I-have-accomplished-much tired. I tweeted and posted to Facebook using the #bblit15 hashtag, so go on out there and pull in some of the processing I am doing. See how others are responding, too. And make plans to come to the retreat in the future. I know there is a West Coast retreat in San Diego coming up for those who live closer to the left coast.

I needs PD as much as the next educator. While I love doing PD, I also love being on the receiving end of it. It renews me. My batteries are charging. The ideas are percolating. Not bad for an old lady.
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