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I am thinking about what to pack for my trip from Texas to Maine at the end of the week. I am thrilled at the prospect that I might include items with sleeves since summer has arrived here with temps in the 90s plus humidity. But before I even think of clothes, there are some priorities that jump ahead in the planning process.

The most important packing priority, the one I have begun already has to do with BOOKS. I suspect none of you is surprised at this. There are two legs to the flight from here to Maine. One leg is about 3.5 hours; the second one is about 2 hours. And there is, of course, layover time to consider. That means I need books for each segment up and back. Add to that time to drive from airport to conference location (and back) plus some time each day for quiet reading, and you know what will weigh down my luggage: BOOKS.

I could take eBooks (and I do have some just in case on all of my devices). But with the ever-threatening TBR stack, I will also take physical books along. I do have audio as well for the driving segments,

The books I take depend on the length of the flights. I try to take some of the heavier tomes for the longer flights knowing I will have somewhere to prop the book. But I also need to have some shorter fare for the shorter flights. Am I too rigid about all this planning? Probably, but I know if I do not plan ahead, I might have to buy a book at an airport (GASP! The Horror!). So, I have the 4 books for the trip up to Maine in the carry on. The suitcase has the books for the other days of the journey. They represent a range of genres and formats. I have a couple GNs. I have fiction and nonfiction. I have a book I need to review, some I am reading for committee work and even a couple of just for me selections.

Yes, I will think about clothes and such later. But first things first: BOOKS.
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