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South Pacific

I am a HUGE fan of musicals. When I head to NYC, I want to see musicals. I DVR musicals from cable and replay them again and again. This past week I watched South Pacific a few times (when I have insomnia, I turn on a musical and can generally relax enough to get settled for sleep after a while). There are two numbers in South Pacific that have been ear worms for me of late. One is an incredible song about prejudice, "You have to be carefully taught." Here is a link the entire song lyrics: You have to be taught to hate. Dennis Leary has a line in his act about this as well when he says that his own child hates naps; that's it. There has been some talk of hatred and hate crimes in the wake of the massacre in Charleston. I cannot help but wonder who was teaching the shooter to hate and why.

The other song from South Pacific, though, makes me move on. I can mourn this incredible loss, but I need to move on and DO something. Kylene Beers talked about this in a Facebook post this morning much more eloquently, so I will direct you there: So, I will remain a Cock-eyed Optimist like Nellie: While I will not forget any clouds or any of the horror of this event, I will hang on to hope:

But I'm stuck like a dope
With a thing called hope,
And I can't get it out of my heart!
Not this heart...

I will do this because of hope as Emily Dickinson describes it so perfectly:

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -
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