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I am reading all 20 titles nominated for our Texas Bluebonnet Master List for the next school year. These are the books kids in grades 3-6 have the chance to read and then vote for favorites. Generally, I do not read all 20, but this year I am participating in the Texas Bluebonnet preconference at our library convention and my job is to show librarians how they might introduce kids to the books. So.........I am reading hastily. Last night I managed to read all the picture books and short chapter books. Actually, I found myself enjoying the reading and not skimming as I had first planned. I enjoyed Kristine O'Connell George's HUMMINGBIRD NEST: A JOURNAL OF POEMS with poems that range from warmly humorous to eloquently poignant. CIRCLE UNBROKEN: THE STORY OF A BASKET AND ITS PEOPLE by Margot Raven with exquisite illustrations by E B Lewis was another treasure. Lisa Wheeler's SEA DOGS: AN EPIC OCEAN OPERETTA was raucous in text and illustration with two separate story lines reminiscent of Macaulay's BLACK AND WHITE.

Of course, now, I have the 4 full length novels to read this week. Ah well, let the rains fall.

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