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Over reach?

Last week I had an incredible time with my colleagues Karin Perry and Holly Weimar. We drive to Austin ti do two sessions, one for the TEPSA (elementary school principals) and one for TASSP (secondary school principals). TEPSA was a round table 30 minute session. The room was packed, and the principals asked good questions about the role librarians could play in the school. We talked about social media, about research, about working with teachers who are hesitant to see the library as the center of learning (learning commons) in the school.

After that session, we headed across town to the TASSP location. There we had another panel about digital citizenship and the library. We also had the last slot of the day 4:15-5:15. Sadly, not one person came to the session. I know there are reasons that explain the empty room and the empty convention center; I know there were a few other sessions going on at the same time. But it still makes me more than a little sad that no one came to talk about something that is essential if we are to believe the much-hyped "college and career ready of CCSS.

Karin and Holly and I had much we wanted to share including some research Karin and I have conducted with hundreds of school librarians across Texas. Instead, we left Austin and headed back "home" thinking about what to propose for next year's conference that might bring folks into the session. So now we have some time to reflect and think about what secondary principals WANT to know. Knowledge is power and all that, but if the knowledge is not transmitted...
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