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Many, many years ago, as I was being trained as a writing project fellow, one of the speakers talked about reaching "satisfice." We can never be 100% pleased with our writing, but we had to find a point where we could release it into the wild with some measure of satisfaction of our work.

I keep that in mind often as I write my blog postings. Often I want to go back after hitting "post." Occasionally, I DO just that (most often to correct a typo or an autocorrect). But, just as often, I let the piece go; "satisfice" works.

What is amazing, too, is that after some time has passed, I might revisit an older piece of writing and be pleased with how it worked out, forgetting the obsession about content and style.

I wonder if our kids reach "satisfice"?

"Satisfice" also works for things other than writing.
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