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I have had the pleasure of spending 3 days with school librarians from 3 boroughs in NYC. The side benefit is that I have also had the chance to see a little bit of the incredible public libraries in Queens and Brooklyn. But the absolutely best part of three days has been meeting the dedicated librarians who, operating on small budgets, do much to promote a culture of reading within their schools.

The stories they have told me during breaks and over lunch have reassured me again that books and reading are still important, and that these folks are on the front lines when it comes to fighting for read aloud, book choice, time to read, parent education about the importance of reading, and more.

I have also learned they are hungry for information, for research and statistics they can take back to their teachers and administrators about the importance of books and reading and choice and time. They want to learn more. I get this. I am constantly squirreling away items to read when I have the time. My reading list is ridiculously long at this point. However, every single piece I read is like another piece of a puzzle sliding into place. This fact, this study, this book, this question helps me continue to develop an overview of what works and what does not.

Thanks, NY librarians, for an incredible 3 days. Thanks, Ric Hasenyager, for asking me to come and be a part of this wonderful group of teacher-librarians.
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