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12 May 2015 @ 05:46 pm
Summer reading  
It is time for folks to put plans for summer reading into place. Not plans for kids, plans for themselves. Summer is a perfect time to read, read, read. Now, don't get me wrong. I know that many teachers spend time in the summer taking courses, doing PD, and tackling other projects. But reading has to be a priority as well. If we hope to stay abreast of the best books for our kids, we need to dig down and find time each and every day to read. A plan makes it more likely that we will do just that.

So, what time of day do you like to read? Carve out 15-20 minutes every single day during those productive times.

How do you determine which books go into the TBR stack? I rely on reviews, recommendations, and readers from my classes.

What sort of goal do you have? A book each day is reasonable. Remember that picture books and graphic novels and novels in verse can be part of reading a book a day while you are getting into the habit. Add longer books as the days and weeks go on. And do remember that you can read these books of pleasure and not for some sort of picky multiple choice test (and please allow kids this same license to read without having to test or do a project or fill out a log).

Do you have a stack ready? Go for it! Post your reading to Facebook and/or Twitter. Blog about the books if you want to share them with others. Use Goodreads or Library Thing or Shelfari if you like. I tend not to use these sites. I do not want to award stars for the books I read as I find that limiting, a narrowing of potential audience. But that is my own idiosyncrasy.

Read Donalyn Miller's post about summer reading and #bookaday here:http://bookwhisperer.com/blog/. Get inspired. Get reading.
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