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09 May 2015 @ 08:21 am
better late than never  
Saturday was a travel day for me and BH. We left the house early for the airport, sat through some flight delays, and finally made it through traffic to NYC and the hotel. I think we sank into the bed shortly after our late dinner. So, this post is being written Sunday morning, but I will date it as Saturday's post. Confused? Have some more coffee.

Some observations about travel:

1. Remember those kids who cut into the lunch line? They grow up to be discourteous adults who cut into line. I saw a young man nearly push an older woman out of his way to jump in front of her to exit the plane. Later, he pushed in front of BH to grab his luggage in baggage claim. Never did I see a thought cross his mind that he was inconveniencing someone else.

2. A good book can make you forget you are flying above some storms. I chose well because the turbulence did not prevent me from reading the book.

3. I have lived in the burbs for so long that I am shocked each time I come into a big city and see hordes of people. NYC was teeming with humanity (and taxis) as we crawled toward the hotel.

4. Anyone cam make you feel welcome. I appreciate the desk clerk, the waitress, the bellman, and all the others who made sure we were taken care of after a long day of travel. They provided a nice counterpoint to the rude folks who were pushing to get to the front of some imaginary line. I hope that, as educators, we ensure that our kids see courtesy, consideration, compassion. These "C" words are much more important that Common or Core or Close or College or Career.
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