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Just another day of the week

Facebook and Twitter are full of messages about Mother's Day. The young woman who delivered coffee to our hotel room this morning wished me a Happy Mother's Day as well. Truth is, this is a bittersweet day for me. I am all too aware of how many of us are without Mothers today. The former residents of the back bedroom lost their Mother many years ago. I lost my own Mother the following year. And 4 years ago, I lost another friend who was like a Mother to me. So, today is more about loss than celebration. I will push that aside, however, and make the best of the day.

But I wish teachers and others would keep in mind that families are not all intact. When the residents of the back bedroom came to live with the BH and me, we had to do a lot of comforting. Doughnuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom could send one or all of them into tears. I know teachers and schools had the best intentions with these events, but I also think that there needs to be some more understanding of the family dynamic. There needs to be more attention paid to how many students might not respond well to doughnuts or muffins because Dad or Mom is not present in their lives.

For Mother's Day, BH had a mug made with photos of College Girl and Career Girl on it. It sits on my computer desk already, a reminder that sometimes traditional roles are played by non-traditional folks.
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