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SH*T censors say

I wonder if sometimes we get paid back for all of the novels we forced students to read as part of the literary canon when censorship cases arise like the ones in Idaho and North Carolina. Here are instances of folks who cannot see the forest for the freaking trees.

Here are two quotes about OF MICE AND MEN which is being challenged in Idaho.

"Mary Jo Finney, a parent who has previously raised objections about books in the school district's curriculum, declared that the book "is neither a quality story nor a page turner." She and other committee members have a problem with coarse language in the book, such as "bastard" and "God damn," and allege that "the teachers actually had the audacity to have students read these profanities out loud in class." They also complained that the novel, set in Depression-era California, is too "negative" and "dark."

Dave Eubanks, a nonvoting committee member, supports the recommendation. "Nobody’s banning books or burning books, he told the Spokesman-Review. "There was just too darn much cussing. It was on almost every single page of the novella."

I guess this is what happens as a result of close reading?

And in North Carolina the target is THE KITE RUNNER. Neither of these books is a stranger to challenges and censorship attempts.
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