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I know I tend to moan and groan in this space. But today was such a wonderful day that I wanted to share some of that joy here. Tune back tomorrow when, I am sure, something will set me off...

Today was our last official faculty meeting day of the spring semester. For some, that might seem to be the good news. But for the 4 of us gathered today, the good news was the time to meet and talk and eat, eat, eat. It had been a few weeks without meetings, and we all genuinely missed the time spent together.

After the meeting a trio of students came wandering the halls with little bags of fruit for Teacher Appreciation Week. They represented one of the fraternities on campus (guys, I am sorry I cannot recall which one), and they were as sweet as their little baggies of fruit.

My friend Kylene Beers posted that I was brilliant. I cannot tell you how that made a rather drizzly day brighter.

On a day that included rain and a bomb threat to our campus library, these little rays of sunshine were welcome. And they are why I have completed my 25th year here at SHSU and am heading into Year #26 with renewed enthusiasm.
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