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30 April 2015 @ 10:03 am
Poem in your Pocket? Lock it!  
On National Poem in your Pocket Day it seems fitting to provide you a link to a terrific article about how to KILL the love of poetry in readers. I do think we could replace the "poetry" reference and use any form, format, or genre. But, as we close out Poetry Month, this seemed like a good post to share.

Here is my favorite pocket poem:

Lasagna by X J Kennedy

Wouldn't you love to have lasagna
Any old time the mood was onya?

The poem comes from a fabulous anthology edited by Paul Janeczko (and if this name is not immediately familiar, please locate and read his dozens of fine collections of poems as well as his OWN poems) entitled pocket poems. I still have my original edition. It is a small paperback that appears to be a jeans pocket (and the size of the book is such that it would fit nicely into the pocket). Short poems to share. Perfection not only for April but for every single day.

I have other favorite poems, too. Longer ones include Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Roald Dahl. Any of the poems from TRAIL OF STONES by Gwen Strauss. KNIVES, LIES, AND GIRLS IN READ DRESSES by Ron Koertge. Paired poems from I FEEL A LITTLE JUMPY AROUND YOU. Go back to HAILSTONES AND HALIBUT BONES. End with Janeczko's latest collection, THE DEATH OF THE HAT.

Happy poem in the your pocket day. Here is the link the post about what NOT to do with poetry: http://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/apr/07/key-stage-1-poetry-assessment-wrecks-poems-for-children?CMP=share_btn_tw
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