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We got trouble my friends, right here in Texas cities
With a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Patrick.

Our new Lt. Governor was the chair of the Senate Education Committee. As such he received Texas Monthly's WORST senator label. He is a huge proponent of vouchers and privatizing education. Now, one of his appointees, the chairperson on preschool education, has called preschool education daycare and godless. You can read more here:

When this is your attitude: "We are experimenting at great cost to taxpayers with a program that removes our young people from homes and half-day religious preschools and mothers' day out programs to a Godless environment with only evidence showing absolutely NO LONG TERM BENEFITS beyond the 1st grade," the letter said," there is little doubt what the agenda is. Once again, research is being entirely dismissed (note the use of all caps to say there are no long term benefits to preschool beyond first grade). Notice the use of language here: we are removing kids from their homes (sounds as though we are kidnapping them) and other programs (without a mention of whether or not such programs are certified or staffed with certified personnel). And you have to love the characterization of preschool as a godless (why the capital letter here?) environment. Is the proposal for preschool for pagan preschools, for heathen preschools, for cult preschools? It certainly seems that way from this language.

We can only hope that this letter falls on deaf ears.
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