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Charles Barkley and Reading

Charles Barkley often proclaims that he is not a role model. It is not his job; it is not what he gets paid to do. If we follow this logic, though, then no one has to be a role model. All we have to do is perform what we are paid to do, right? It's not that easy nor that tidy as we know all too well.

Next week, Donalyn Miller and I are doing a Google Hangout for ILA talking about developing a love of reading for our students (info is here: To promote the Hangout, ILA is asking educators to retweet (RT) this jpeg:

I wish each and every teacher would RT this. Everyone needs to be a reading role model. What does that mean exactly?

1. Teachers READ often. I shoot for daily reading time. And my reading goal is to average a book each day. Do I always find the time? Nope. Some days are full of meetings. Some days I just want to be a slug. Some days I need a nap. But most days, I do begin with some time for reading. And most days I do read a book. I am often asked how I manage that. Simple: it is a priority for me.

2. Teachers share what they are reading with others. You know if you follow me on Facebook that I post out what I read as I complete the book. I have a blog that gives information on what I have read as well ( I tweet about books; I do presentations about books. Heck, I even am known to do impromptu (and unrequested) book talks in local bookstores, at conferences, anywhere.

3. Teachers put books into the hands of readers. This morning, I weeded about 300 books, put them in bags, and stacked them in the hall. They will go with me next week to a workshop I am doing with Karin Perry in north Texas. Some of the books will be used to do activities during our day long workshop. Most are for educators to take back with them for the kids.

These are the basics, I think. We read, we talk, we float books on. Are you one of us? Are you a role model? If you are reading this, I suspect you are. I worry about the others, though. I worry about the ones who do not read and offer a myriad of excuses (which sound much like my excuses for not exercising or cleaning out my closets). I worry about those who think, like Charles Barkley, that they are not paid to be role models. Being a role model might just be the most important thing I do for my own kids and for all of the thousands of others who have called and continue to call me TEACHER.
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