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Road work

It has been a long time since I have had more than one night in my own bed. But I am home for almost 2 straight weeks now, and plan to do some catching up Most of that catching up has to do with diving into some books. Books I brought from Hattiesburg and some from TLA and some that arrived at the house during my absence. My TBR stack is more like a TBR bookcase right now. But I want to get into those books in preparation for the next road trip which connects from Texas to New York. I always am in need of new books to talk about.

Attending the conferences not only provides me with the chance to see new books, I get to listen to authors and get the stories behind the books as well. So, even though travel is tough, there are so many rewards.

So, this post is simply to highlight the wonders of the past two weeks:

1. I learned so much more about the history of comics and graphic novels from Gene Luen Yang.
2. I learned that the winning author of the Texas Bluebonnet Award had Jack Gantos as a writing teacher.
3. I learned that Steve Sheinkin can do half of his presentation BEFORE a fire alarm and the other half AFTER the alarm without missing a beat (and I learned a lot about his process).
4. I learned that folks love to hear about books.
5. I learned that #weneeddiversebooks is love and well and much more than a hashtag.
6. I learned that authors are truly rock stars. And I am a fan girl.
7. I learned that there are soon many books and not nearly enough time to read (danged job).
8. I learned about all the wonderful things our former students are doing now that they are graduated.
9. I learned library positions are being cut in some places and added in others.
10. I learned to see conferences through the eyes of brand new teachers and librarians.
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