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As I was sipping my morning coffee, I was listening to some television. I try to catch some headlines in the morning before the caffeine sinks in. Somehow, it is a tad more palatable. So, in the space of 5 minutes, there was an ad which pointed to "important" side effects. Those effects included tongue swelling and difficulty breathing as well as some others I would call more than "important." I might use the term "deadly" our "life-threatening." Then, the news segment featured Time's most influential people. I was struck by some of the descriptions and selections, but I am a curmudgeon at heart and find it hard to believe that Martha Stewart admires the designs of Kim Kardashian or that Jon Meacham listens to Tim McGraw. But, we are talking about pop culture, so...

How does this connect to the blog? Two words: Smart Brief.

It seems that for every newsletter I receive with "news" (more about this in a moment), I receive one that is nothing but an ad for a product. Of course, there is the disclaimer that the ad does not imply endorsement despite the fact that it comes from the same source as the newsletter. I really do not think you can have it both ways, folks.

Of course, having spent the last two weeks surrounded by folks who love books and reading, I might be a little jaded. The conversation at TLA was about books, authors, author crushes, ARCs, and related matters. The only discussion of products came when two separate folks texted to set up times to come talk to me about AR. So, I will return home from all these road trips still knowing that there are folks out there who are not looking for magic bullets. They are looking for great books. Love bullets as ammunition against products.
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