professornana (professornana) wrote,

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gacking away

Okay, here is the deal. Google your name with the word "needs" and then list the first five hits. Here is what google thinks I need:

1. Teri needs a sandwich shop where she will meet a gawky bald headed loser (other than the loser part, I have the rest).

2. Scary Teri needs some meat (I am not going there).

3. Apparently since Teri Hatcher uses the same spelling as my name, I need a good sex romp in a VW van. Been there, done that.

4. Teri needs to find a stylist (probably true as I am at that point where I need to decide if the hair stays short or grows out again).

5. Teri needs more spoon-feeding (this actually blends #5 and 6).
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