professornana (professornana) wrote,

Spreading some glitter

I love Easter services at church. Though I no longer dress up as I did when I was a child, others surely did. The woman in front of me had on a gorgeous black top with gold glitter. As the s=Mass progressed, I noticed bits of gold glitter on the pew around her and her husband. Glitter sparkled from his jacket where she had touched him. There was glitter in her hair (probably from when she pulled on the top) and on her face. She was, in short, aglow.

Why did that make me pause and even take out a piece of paper and jot down a hasty note? I was thinking about the parable of the sower (and, no, that was not part of the reading for Easter) and how seed scattered and sown can grow. And then I thought to the note from a colleague who told me that one of her student teachers had heard Donalyn Miller talk about a book at a recent conference, had bought the book, and had stayed up all night reading it. The student admitted that it had abbey a long time since that had happened: an all-nighter with a book. And I thought about the emails I receive from my students who tell me they so loved THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO that they had to buy the other two books in the trilogy and find time to read them in addition to the other books for my YA lit course.

I think of all the book talks, all the displays, all the informal sharing, book commercials, book walls, book Padlets, tweets, Facebook posts, and presentations as pieces of that glitter that spreads it glow to all nearby. But what about the people who came and sat in that pew for the next Mass? Did they not take some of that glitter with them? Glitter, seeds, kernels: you can call it what you will. But we are in the business of making sure it gets spread. I like the concept of glitter, almost like pixie or fairy dust. We sprinkle it wherever we go. We pass it along to others, sometimes unsuspecting others. And we never know how far that glitter can go and glow.
Tags: books, glitter, reading
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