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Teachers as Readers

I posted a link to this piece on Facebook: My comment was "Maybe teachers should read more since they are literacy role models?" Most of the comments take about how important it is for teachers to be readers. Some lamented that teachers do not read at all or read too little. It was shared 80 times, so I know the post reached lots of folks. There was one negative comment (which has been removed by the person who posted it) though that bothered me and others. It suggested that teacher's time outside of school was her or his own, and that there was just so much other stuff to do. It went on to indicate that if choice is so important in education, we should allow teachers to choose not to read.

Nope. I just can't. Teachers are role models of literacy. Kids need to see us reading. And how in the world can I ever hope to offer suggestions that match the needs and interests and preferences of readers if I do not read widely? And how can I SAY reading is important if I do not actually walk in those reading shoes, live a reading life?

Katherine Sokolowski's blog on this topic is sheer perfection, so rather than continue, I will point you here:
Tags: reading, role models, teachers
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