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25 March 2015 @ 11:13 am
Mind your Ps and Qs  
Thanks to Chris Crowe for the link to this piece in The Chronicle of High Education. http://chronicle.com/article/The-4-Properties-of-Powerful/228483/. Normally, I am a bit of a skeptic when I see a headline declaring "The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers," but this piece is spot on, IMHO. What are those properties?

1. personality
2. presence
3. preparation
4. passion

While I might order them differently (I do think passion comes first as it should for any vocation) and I think personality could be misleading, I do think it plays a key role.

To this list, I would add some other Properties:

1. questioning: I think a sense of curiosity is good, but this is more than curiosity. A good educator questions everything. Why are we doing it THIS way? Is this the BEST practice? What is NEW? Who can I consult about this? Are there opportunities to learn more?

2. questing: I am always on the lookout for new materials, new voices, new colleagues.

3. quiet: you must be thinking, "Teri? Quiet?" Yep. There are times when quiet is called for. Quiet when I am reading work submitted for class; quiet for when I want to dive into a book (though I can read with distractions); quiet for writing time.

So, let's mind our Ps and Qs (and ABCs and XYZs). It takes a lot to be a teacher.
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