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I love my colleagues, and I actually enjoy our weekly meetings. Perhaps calling them meetings is a misnomer. We do have an agenda. Eventually, we do discuss all the topics on the agenda. However, along the way, there are many detours. We suddenly recall something we need to add to the discussion. Or we get off task. Or we find something funny in the moment. The fact that cake and other foodstuffs are sometimes part of the meeting might explain in part why it might seem more of a party than a formal meeting.

So, yesterday, for some reason, we began discussing older computers. We talked about our experiences with various brands when one of my colleagues asked what brand was it that had the cow hide look. "GATEWAY!!!," we shouted. That led to a comment about gateway drugs. Karin Perry and I looked at each other and blurted out, "How about gateway books?" And so there was a brief digression about what we meant and how we might pursue this idea (other than me calling dibs on a blog post).

Before I move on to the topic at hand, though, I want to add that one of the reasons we all love meeting is because we share so much in common including a love of books. So, today, Karin and I set up a book corner where we will place books we are recommending to our colleagues. Right now it has some of the 2015 award winners plus BONE GAP (we mentioned it yesterday and our dept. chair expressed interest) and some ARCs and F&Gs.

Now, back to Gateway Books. What might be on your list? Mine is ever evolving, I think, as new books are published. However, I do have some oldies but goodies that were gateways for me.

PAT THE BUNNY: first book I recall being read aloud by a family member.
NANCY DREW: my first series foray (and not my last by a long shot)
BLACK BEAUTY: first realization that books about animals were going to make me weep
THE CHOCOLATE WAR: first book that did not end up "happily ever after" in the old-fashioned sense
WEETZIE BAT: first time reading magical realism and trying to wrap my head around it
WHISPERS FROM THE DEAD: first highly successful booktalk
ROSEMARY'S BABY: first book to scare the spit out of me (and not the last)
HARELQUIN ROMANCE: first guilty pleasure adult fare (from many years ago)

There are many others, but you get the drift, right? I am so thankful that our fearless leader allows the faculty meetings to roam free. She knows we will all get back to the basics and do the work. So she lets the reins stay loose, allows us our heads, gives us the freedom to explore. Who knows what the next AHA moment might be?
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