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Stealing hearts

Georgina is desperate for some money ever since she and her mother and brother were evicted from their apartment. Now living in the car, Georgina is angry, frustrated, embarrassed, and frightened at turns. When she sees an old poster offering a huge reward for the return of a lost dog, Georgina begins to write down her ideas for HOW TO STEAL A DOG. She and her brother find a likely candidate and spirit it away to an abandoned house in the woods. The plan seems to be about to pay off when Georgina realizes that the dog owner has no money to offer much of a reward.

The cover is fabulous as is the title. These two things alone should be enough to make even reluctant intermediate and middle grade readers (especially girls) pick up the book on their own. Short chapters, a good pace to the story, and some eccentric characters all combine to make this a winning combination.
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