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28 February 2015 @ 07:20 am
Listen UP!  
Today is a day filled with driving, flying, and driving again. With any luck, the weather gods will decree it a good day on land and in the air between Osage Beach and home. Since I will have little time to blog today, let me point you to a fabulous resource instead.

Here is a link to SOUND LEARNING, a site developed by the Audio Publishers of America with the guidance of 4 really smart experts in audio: Sharon Grover, Mary Burkey, Rose Brock, and Lizette Hannigan.


Start with the terrific infographic. Move on to the rich information about using audiobooks effectively. Listen to excerpts from award winning audiobook. And then get some help developing a collection of audio that meets the needs of YOUR students. This site is practical, but it has all the pedagogy you will need as well.

I know on the drive from Osage Beach to St. Louis that I will be finishing up the audio of Belzhar. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out.
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