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26 February 2015 @ 06:34 pm
change of scenery  
I drove from St. Louis out to Osage Beach on the Lake of the Ozarks yesterday. Today I will do a day long session at the Write to Learn conference. I love this setting despite the cold. And being away from the house lets me be productive in a different manner. While I miss BH and Scout, I will have some uninterrupted time after presentations to tackle some items on the To-Do List.

On the flight yesterday, an experienced flight attendant was showing the ropes to a brand spanking new attendant. As an aside, I had to go look up the phrase "show the ropes" for its origin:

Of nautical origin. The phrase "he knows the ropes" written on a seaman's discharge meant that he was inexperienced and only familiar with a ship's principal ropes. 1981, Snelling, Charles, Nomenclature of Ships, Naval Sea Systems Command

Is it not odd to see how this phrase has changed in terms of its meaning?

In any event, the more experienced flight attendant was patient and kind and patient again. She coached, "retaught," repeated, wrote down, and was patient even more. I would have loved to have her as a co-teacher. It was lovely to see that mentor-student relationship play out in a different venue than the classroom. A change of setting or scenery often provides me with some perspective on issues, tasks, and the like. I was able to observe the flight attendant training detached from the situation (though at this point in my airplane experience, I could give the safety demo from heart, I think). And this reminded me of my experiences working with a team of teachers who observed one another and offered feedback. Someone who was less invested in the classroom and more detached could often spot the issue or trouble and offer advice.

Even in our online environment, I often turn for advice to another colleague when it comes to a student or an assignment or something bothering me. I look forward to the next couple of days here at the conference. I will have some time to sit and observe and learn. I know it will recharge me for the remainder of the semester.
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