professornana (professornana) wrote,

Revisiting serial reading

A recent link from Smart Brief sent me to this page from Scholastic: I would love to see more of the series listed than the ones here (though this is a good place to begin). There are series for all ages of readers as well, including teen and even adult. I wrote about serial reading recently when we looked at the virtues of reading. Remember the "birthday cake" graphic"?


Serial reading is often associated with those early stages in the development of lifelong readers.

We need to go back to our colleagues and share lists of series, old and new, with them. We need to talk about how series books can motivate kids to read and to read more. We also need to remind them that adult readers often read serially. It is comfort reading for me to return to familiar characters in mystery series or a setting I know as well as my own neighborhood in fantasy series or conflicts that never seem to be settled totally in my favorite dystopian series. Sharing our serial obsessions with colleagues and with our students might just help someone else discover the joy of being lost in a book.
Tags: lifelong reading, serial, series
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